You can even hear the best brands!

The creation of an acoustic brand identity completes the overall emotional picture of your brand.

audio branding | sound mark

In today's brand world with its multitude of brands competing for attention, it is becoming more and more essential to give your brand a complete appearance. In addition to the basis – the "good name" – and obvious aspects such as logo and corporate design, another aspect is becoming increasingly important: the acoustic brand identity, the sound mark or audio brand.
solobrand provides a network of experienced experts to create an audible brand world: producers, composers, lyricists and musicians.
Do you want to give your brand a unique appearance? Do you want to make your brand not only visible but also audible? We support you professionally on your way to a holistic brand. Individually assembled teams add music to your brand: as an audio brand / sound mark, as corporate sound, sound icons or as a commercial, brand song & jingle. We help your brand get heard!