Safe? Surely!

Oftentimes companies only recognize the relevance of well-executed brand research when things have become expensive.

trademark search

MarkenrechercheEven independently of naming projects, we check the usability of names & slogans for you with regards to trademark law. We focus on cost efficiency and security at the same time. Extended identity research in Germany or phonetic similarities in the USA: solobrand has exactly the expertise that you miss at many other agencies. Our customers include brand owning companies of all sizes and their representatives who rely on our expertise.

We tailor our research to your actual needs. Take a very close look at what is being offered to you. Research is not always the same: The depth of the search queries and the experience of being able to correctly evaluate the search results are decisive. solobrand has the necessary expertise and experience as well as the database partners to be able to carry out in-depth similarity searches worldwide. Our researchers are also exclusively experienced specialists in the field of brand and company name research.

Additionally, our legal partners are always available to answer any questions about trademark law that go beyond our services.