There are many aspects that contribute to the success or failure of a brand.

We analyze your risks and potentials, develop creative solutions and strengthen your good name.

brand consulting

Are you facing special challenges with your brand? Your competition is not asleep at the wheel? solobrand supports you in all aspects of your brand presence: campaign wording, target group-specific communication, attention-grabbing sublines and much more.
Well over a decade of experience with a wide variety of companies – from small start-ups to international corporations – make our expertise your competitive advantage. solobrand helps your brand exactly where it is necessary. Reasonably analyzed, cost-effectively calculated, reliably implemented. Sometimes another pair of eyes is simply missing, a little idea, the right hint, a creative brainstorming ...

This is where we start. Let's talk to each other. An important side effect: We calculate as needed. Consulting is something very individual, and we take this fact into account through our flexible and individually adaptable way of working. solobrand will take you and your brand one decisive step further, at least.