We stand for what we do.

We are offering a trust-based good. And we are pleased about the trust that our customers put in us.


selbstverständnisFor us, quality counts first and foremost. And that's what we mean in every respect: unique names, creative use of language, well-founded research, reliable results. But also with regard to our service. That does not mean that at solobrand you will encounter "smooth" management consultants without any "edginess", who will tell you exactly what you might want to hear. Rather, it means that you are dealing with open-minded people who love their job. And who know what they're doing. Who never forget that it is about your success, literally about "your good name". Experience, passion, joy in the success of your own clients. Because the success of our clients is our success.

solobrand offers trust-based goods. You do not know in advance what exactly the result will be like. That is why trust is an important thing to us. We feel obliged to our customers. As a naming agency, you entrust us with your “brand matters”, your brand affairs, and we will do everything we can to work towards strengthening your brand.

Die Kombination aus frischer Kreativität einerseits und fundiertem Umgang mit markenrechtlichen Aspekten andererseits spiegelt sich in unserem Logo wider. Aus einer Idee kann nur dann eine echte Marke werden, wenn beide „Welten“ gleichermaßen berücksichtigt werden.