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solobrand for Clariant

For the specialty chemicals company CLARIANT and its “Polymer Additives” business unit, solobrand developed the new ADDWORKS brand. The brand ADDWORKS LXR was recently introduced as part of the new nomenclature, which was also developed jointly with solobrand.

solobrand on

On the occasion of the renaming of the EADS Group, an article on revolved around the topic of brand names. Also there: Carsten Mohr from solobrand.

Naming: interactive & 360 °

With Scapeshift, the app professionals from Lifestream Creations are revolutionizing the way you view indoor and outdoor spaces. solobrand developed the appropriate name for the app and ensured the greatest possible security with extensive trademark research.

solobrand at

The current market research dossier revolves around the "brand". solobrand owner Carsten Mohr reports on everyday life in the naming business.

solobrand at DRadio Wissen

solobrand founder Carsten Mohr in an interview with DeutschlandRadio Wissen on the subject of "Name inventors - the name makes the product". There are some exciting stories to be heard from the work environment and key topics of the naming process.

Naming with "dedication“

Brand advice and name development without real commitment makes little sense to us. “Dedication” is also one of the most important core elements in the self-image of the new private investment company DEDIQ.

Eco? Logical!

The iOS app "Eco Challenge" by our customer Raureif focuses on sustainability as the goal of our generation. The app provides weekly information and challenges on topics such as mobility, food or clean light. Your own successes are documented and can be compared with those of friends.

All the best, good noows!

We are happy about the extremely positive feedback on the net for our customer Good Noows. For example, Business Insider, KillerStartups or appstorm report on the service, the app is now available in the Chrome Web Store and the reviewers almost without exception find words of praise for Good Noows.